37 Years since 1986

The first restaurant specialized in sushi opened 37 years ago in Bellevue. It was groundbreaking. It was new. It was also welcomed with open arms.

Today, the same premise of fresh fish rooted in Japanese technique, results in delicious, premium sushi. Over the years, we’ve expanded from sushi to include what we call “WA,” which is Japanese culture translated through food. While we offer the best fish from local and Japanese fish markets, we also offer a wide array of other Japanese foods, including Sukiyaki, Sashimi and Tempura.

Corporate Philosophy


  • To contribute to the community and society through food, and to make everyone involved happy.

Management Philosophy


  • To play a role in the chain of happiness based on delicious, safe, and secure food.

Our Mission


  • Create a value chain specializing in Japanese food that makes people want to go somewhere to eat every day.
  • Aim to be a healthy company that lasts for 100 years.

Hiro Kawasaki, Owner
Shogun Enterprises, Inc.

History of I Love Sushi Group

Nov 3, 1981

Opened “Shogun House” on Main St. Bellevue (first Japanese restaurant in City of Bellevue, WA)

Dec 1, 1986

Opened the 1st “I Love Sushi” Japanese restaurant on NE 8th St. Bellevue

July 27, 1992

Opened the 2nd “I Love Sushi” in Seattle, overlooking South Lake Union (ownership changed in Aug 1, 2005 – Chris Kim took over the restaurant)

Nov 3, 2005

Opened the 3rd “I Love Sushi” on Lake Bellevue